Lost Moon

Lost Moon: Lunar Eclipse

Lost Moon: Lunar Eclipse

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Series: Lost Moon, Book 1
Genre: Hard Science Fiction

The year is 2099. Steve Knight, commander of NASA's moon base, is about to be replaced. The shuttle that is to take him home is already waiting. But then Earth simply disappears from the sky. Neither the NASA crew nor the crews of the other moon bases understand what has happened. The three bases form a 40-strong community of fate as it quickly becomes clear that their combined resources provide only for the survival of, at most, ten people. Together they face a difficult choice: 30 voluntary deaths now, or watch each other die within the next two years. Then a shocking third option comes to light.

Lost Moon: Lunar Eclipse depicts the time of bitter decisions that Steve and his comrades-in-arms must make.

Lost Moon: Earth Storms, presents you with the other side, as author Tim L. Rey describes the fateful rescue mission to reunite the planet with its moon.

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