Next year in space? Launch your very own satellite

While searching for interesting space gadgets (I also always gladly accept tips and suggestions), I came across a very exciting project. How would you like to be able to send your very own satellite into space? And it wouldn’t cost you millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars; for less than 300 dollars and your own time and effort, you can have your own personal satellite called AmbaSat-1.

How does it work? You can find a description at www.ambasat.com. AmbaSat-1 is a micro-satellite. Basically, it’s an electronic circuit board with a surface area of 35 mm x 35 mm (about 1.4 inches x 1.4 inches). It includes a processor, various sensors, solar cells, a gyroscope, and a radio module. If you’d like, you can even solder the circuit board yourself; that’ll take about 4 hours and it’ll then save a few dollars. The individual AmbaSats will then all be packed together in a flying rack that will be launched into space (starting) in 2020, in order to then deploy the micro-satellites.

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