Ice Moon (Box Set)

All four bestselling books of the Ice Moon series are now offered as a set.

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All four bestselling books of the Ice Moon series are now offered as a set.

The Enceladus Mission: Is there really life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus? ILSE, the International Life Search Expedition, makes its way to the icy world where an underground ocean is suspected to be home to primitive life forms.

The Titan Probe: An old robotic NASA probe mysteriously awakens on the methane moon of Titan. The ILSE crew tries to solve the riddle—and discovers a dangerous secret.

The Io Encounter: Finally bound for Earth, ILSE makes it as far as Jupiter when the crew receives a startling message. The volcanic moon Io may harbor a looming threat that could wipe out Earth as we know it.

Return to Enceladus: The crew gets an offer to go back to Enceladus. Their mission—to recover the body of Dr. Marchenko, left for dead on the original expedition. Not everyone is working toward the same goal. Could it be their unwanted crew member?

Series: Ice Moon, Book 6
Genre: Hard Science Fiction
Publication Year: 2019/089/29
List Price: $ 29.99
eBook Price: $ 9.99
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