Physicist describes a wormhole’s shape

Wormholes are shortcuts through space and time – and up to now purely a product of science fiction and theory. More precisely, their existence can only be deduced and calculated from current theories. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they actually exist. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they can be used to travel through space. But what would they look like and what shape would they have? This has been calculated by the Ukrainian physicist Roman Konoplya – or more precisely: he has shown how the shape of a wormhole can be calculated from its physical data.

To apply these findings, first a real wormhole would be needed. Then measurements would be needed on the redshift it produces on light and the gravitational waves emitted by it. These values could then be used to determine its exact shape – without having to see the wormhole directly. This method is based on confirmed assumptions from quantum theory and geometry.

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