Selfies in space: cool NASA app

Have you ever wanted your picture taken in front of the Andromeda Galaxy, the Crab Nebula, or the center of the Milky Way? A new app from NASA will do just that. To make these selfies of you, the app puts you in a spacesuit and places you in front of your chosen backdrop.

Biggest advantages: You’ll save a lot of time and money, because you won’t need to travel in a rocket and the app is free. There is only a limited number of backgrounds, however.

NASA Selfies for iOS

NASA Selfies for Android

The author has just exited his spaceship and is floating weightless in front of the Milky Way’s galactic core

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  • BrandonQMorris
  • Brandon Q. Morris is a physicist and space specialist. He has long been concerned with space issues, both professionally and privately and while he wanted to become an astronaut, he had to stay on Earth for a variety of reasons. He is particularly fascinated by the “what if” and through his books he aims to share compelling hard science fiction stories that could actually happen, and someday may happen. Morris is the author of several best-selling science fiction novels, including The Enceladus Series.

    Brandon is a proud member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and of the Mars Society.