Fly to Mars with NASA – on board the next Mars rover

Right now, not only can you send a postcard into space, but you can also send your name to Mars – on board NASA’s Mars 2020 rover. All you need to need is enter your name and e-mail address at go.nasa.gov/Mars2020Pass. Your name will then be etched onto a microchip that is mounted on the rover. Your name will be arranged on a line that is 75 micrometers high. This will allow NASA to etch a million names on the chip. 2 million names flew along with the Insight probe. As a reward you’ll get a virtual boarding pass for the flight.

Similar projects have already been done – for the launch of the Insight probe and for the first Orion test flight. If you participated in those projects too (important: the e-mail addresses have to match), then you are already a “Frequent Flyer.” You will receive your own account on the NASA website and a Mission Patch for each completed mission.

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